Elevator Consulting Service

As experts in Vertical Moving Equipment Advantage Elevator Inspections and Consultants, LLC  provides consulting services. Our qualified consultants provide clear analysis, cost effective recommendations with attention to detail – ranging from code compliance to aesthetic considerations.

We provide consulting services in the following areas:

General Elevator Consulting:

  • Elevator Performance Reporting
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Code Consulting related to Elevators for Building Inspectors and Code Officials.
  • Asset Review
  • Acquisition Report

Modernization Specifications:

  • Elevator Equipment Survey
  • Code Compliance Review
  • ADA Compliance Consulting
  • Specifications
  • Overseeing the Bid Proposal Process

Vertical Moving Equipment Evaluation

If you need an expert to review a maintenance plan, a building plan, or
evaluate a current install, call  +1 (850) 748-5526 .


Third Party Review

Do you need a third party to review your proposed elevator design plan?

Advantage Elevator Inspections & Consultants can review and analyze proposed plans for new elevator construction or major repair specifications to ensure that the contracts meets all code standards and required features. We possess the necessary expertise, as a comprehensive elevator inspection company,  to provide a detailed analysis and key recommendations that can save you time and keep your project on track.