inside an elevator inspection

Inspections and Test Witnessing

Advantage Elevator Inspections & Consultants, LLC is a certified inspection company performing various inspections and witnessing of all forms of vertical transportation; elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters and man lifts.

Code Requirements

State and local code enforcement mandate building owners and operators to provide third-party inspections for their elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters and man lifts.

Why Third-Party Inspections/Test Witnessing?

In requiring a third-party elevator inspectors to witness annual safety tests, performed by an elevator service/maintenance company, it ensures that the tests are performed in accordance with applicable code requirements and without bias.

QEI Certified - CEI Certified - CC Certified

Advantage Elevator Inspections, LLC is certified to perform inspections throughout the Northwest Florida, Mississippi and Alabama, and has a thorough understanding of the local requirements in each jurisdiction. We can complete your third party code inspections, processing, and filing fees (as applicable) for you.

Independent Third-Party

We are an independent, Third-Party Elevator and Escalator Inspections service provider that performs inspections and witness tests in accordance with the State requirements of Florida, Mississippi and Alabama and the local code enforcement agencies that ensure public safety. We ensure your equipment conforms with applicable code requirements.

Only Inspections and Witnessing

Advantage Elevator Inspection and Consultations, LLC has no affiliation with any elevator repair or elevator maintenance company. We neither maintain elevator service contracts nor endorse any specific elevator manufacturers. We can assure our clients that they always will receive professional, thorough inspections and tests witnessing for code compliance.

Our Inspectors carry all certificates and licenses as required by law

to inspect vertical transportation equipment. We are fully insured and licensed.

Call  AEI&C  for all third party inspections, safety inspections and performance inspections as are required by Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. Inspections can be for new equipment, standard equipment or modernized equipment. Advantage Elevator Inspection and Consultations provides detailed specifications and reporting.

Our services include:

  • Semi-Annual or Annual Safety Inspections
  • 3 year inspections
  • 5 year inspections
  • Annual QEI Elevator Inspections
  • QEI Witnessing
  • Customized Inspection Scheduling
  • Code Compliance Re-Inspection
  • Customized Inspection Programs
  • Acceptance Inspection and Certification

Common Violations

  • Expired Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency Light & Bell Not Working
  • Missing Signage "In Case of Fire" on floors
  • Machine Room Ventilation Not Working
  • Missing Door Zone Restrictor
  • Machine Room Key Not on Premises
  • Phone Not Working
  • Poor Housekeeping
  • Bad Lighting in Machine Room, Pit and Cab.
  • Missing Code Data Plate
  • Missing Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Key benefits of annual elevator inspections:

  • Ensures the safety of employees and the general public.
  • Provide impartial third-party inspections.

  • Comply with federal, state and local jurisdictions.

  • Minimize client liability.

  • Satisfy requirements of insurance carriers.